introducing: the cutest ice cream in the land.
Leona's Ice Cream is now pint-sized.


Now offering Pints of our classic flavors plus a few seasonal surprises. 

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Fall/winter Seasonal

Maple Nut

Pennsylvania maple syrup infused cream and maple caramelized walnuts combine for a flavor so cozy, you're glad it's sweater weather.

Toasted Coconut

Toasted and unsweetened organic coconut shreds steeped in cream give all of their flavor to this smooth ice cream. It's a perfect pair with a scoop of our Chocolate ice cream.


Leona's Classic Collection


Guittard 63% dark chocolate infused with handmade caramel. 

Cinnamon Oatmeal Lace

Vietnamese Cinnamon and vanilla with chewy hunks of oatmeal lace cookies.


Zeke's Royal Blue, a darker roast full of sweet spice. Definitely caffeinated.

Fresh Mint Chocolate

Fresh mint leaves and cream with flakes of dark chocolate. 


Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract and plump vanilla beans.


Delicate lavender ice cream with pieces of crunchy honeycomb candy.

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Photo Credit: Matt Dayak, Styling Credit: Kim Fox