Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Locally sourced, hand-held happiness.


Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Locally sourced, hand-held happiness.

At Leona’s we make small batch ice cream sandwiches using local dairy and ingredients whenever possible. With the help of a natural enzyme, we make 100% lactose-free ice cream so every belly can enjoy Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches. 


We believe in the transformative power of food and flavor.

We know that ice cream is what dreams are made of - and we dream big.

We believe that every belly should enjoy ice cream.

We look for inspiration everywhere and know that a simple mix of milk, cream and sugar
is the most amazing canvas.

We believe in the power of personal relationships and prefer to do our business with
a handshake and
a smile.

We put our money where our roots are by using local dairy and ingredients-not just because
it’s right but because our area has everything we could ask for.

We believe in ice cream and we believe in you.

Where to Find Us

You can buy a rotating selection of Leona's Ice Cream at all of the amazing locations listed here.



Bryant St. Market
5901 Bryant St. Pittsburgh, PA
Highland Park

Nancy's East End Diner
616 South Ave. 

Heisler's Market
601 East. McMurray Rd.

Industry Public House 
4305 Butler St. 

Industry Public House
140 Andrew Dr. Pittsburgh, PA
North Fayette

Old World Market & Pizzeria
5800 Kennedy Ave. Export, PA

Caffe D'Amore 
5400 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA

Sewickley Confectionery
600 Beaver St. Sewickley, PA 

52nd St. Market
601 52nd St. Pittsburgh, PA

The Flying Squirrel
241 East Main St. Carnegie, PA

Penn Avenue Fish Co. (Strip District)
2208 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA

Zeke's Coffee
6015 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA
East Liberty

Staghorn Cafe
517 Greenfield Ave. Pittsburgh PA

South Side BBQ
75 S 17th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203







































Food Shoppe
5878 Northumberland, Pittsburgh PA
Squirrel Hill 

Grist House Brewing
10 East Sherman St. Millvale, PA

Pig Iron Pub
926 Sheraton Dr. Cranberry, PA

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods & Cafe
130 Gallery Dr. McMurray, PA
South Hills

East End Food Co-op
7516 Meade St. Pittsburgh, PA

East End

635 Sangree Rd. Pittsburgh, PA
Ross Township

Pear and the Pickle
1800 Rialto St. Pittsburgh PA
Troy Hill

Stickler's Ice Pops (seasonally)
1149 Evergreen Ave. Millvale, PA

Grist House Craft Brewery
10 East Sherman St. Pittsburgh, PA

Feast On Brilliant
27 Brilliant Ave. Aspinwall, PA

B Gourmet
428 Beaver St. Sewickley, PA

Kelly's Bar & Lounge
6012 Centre Ave. Pittsburgh, PA
East Liberty

Olive & Marlowe 
5795 Broad St. Pittsburgh, PA

The Wheel Mill
6815 Hamilton Ave. Pittsburgh, PA

Hitchhiker Brewery
190 Castle Shannon Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA
South Hills

Lactose Free?

Lactose Free?

With the help of a natural enzyme we create 100% lactose-free ice cream made with 100% real dairy. That means people who have problems digesting lactose can enjoy Leona's ice cream without stomach upset.

Please remember, lactose intolerance is different for different people. Know your body and make good choices. Removing lactose does not change the fact that our ice cream is made of REAL dairy. If you are allergic to dairy or have issues with casein, this would not be the ice cream sandwich for you.


Christa & Katie 


The Team

The Team

Christa - Dreamer 

While remaining the inspirational "dreamer" of flavors and combinations, Christa doubles as the operations guru. From finance and inventory to cookie scooping and trike pedaling she creates systems that help our little company do big things.  In each ice cream sandwich, we try to bring Pittsburgh to the world, and sometimes, bring the world a little bit of what makes this town so special. 

Katie - Doer

After years of working in public relations, a work trip took Katie to Pittsburgh, where she met Christa and became inspired to be creative with food.  After a few years in food marketing and then culinary school, the  “ah-ha” moment happened after receiving an ice cream maker as a wedding present. After the first batch, the rest was an inevitability.


Leona came into our heart in 2012 at the spry age of 10. Despite her rough past, she was quite the classy lady. While we were creating our company she was a constant source of inspiration (an a darn good taste tester). Every day she brought us joy. We hope that our ice cream sandwiches bring you a little bit of the happiness Leona brought to us. 

Careers with Leona's

Careers with Leona's



Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches is seeking a part-time assistant baker and ice cream maker to help our small company grow. We are passionate about the intersection of excellent ice cream and delicious cookies. We take pride in our ingredients, our methods and our community. We are curious, creative and work very hard to achieve our goals. We are looking for someone who shares the vision and wants to be a part of the company.

This is an exciting opportunity to join us at the beginning of something big. We're looking for a motivated, thoughtful, detail oriented and self-sufficient team member with previous kitchen and baking experience. You must want to work in food. We are looking for someone who wants to stick with us as we grow and are not looking for a job until something better comes along. They need to be able to juggle many moving parts at once and roll with the punches all while making exceptional cookies. For the right person, there is room for career growth. Currently the position is 25+hours per week with potential for full-time.


· Follow and create detailed, efficient systems in the bakery
· Recipe preparation, portioning and baking cookies as well as all bakery prep and clean-up duties associated with  baking
· Ask questions and bring solutions
· Establish and maintain positive relationships with entire staff
· Tracking par levels for ingredients, and notifying the manager when reorders are needed.
· Ability to think quickly, react positively, and maintain flow of operations
· Contribute to a positive work environment for all team members
· Maintain active and thorough communication with team members
· You must be able lift 25-50 lbs.
· Consistently produce damn good cookies

· 1+ year experience in baking/pastry role with positive track record
· Serve safe certified food manager or ability to quickly become certified
· Demonstrate ability to effectively work independently as well as a team setting
· Ability to independently manage multiple projects and tasks at once and effectively
prioritize in a fast-paced work environment to meet tight deadlines
· Aptitude to learn fast and a desire for new information
· Flexibility to quickly adapt to new information
· Strong organizational skills with attention to detail