The Dream Team

Leona's crew of bakers, ice cream makers and all-around sugar wizards are the beautiful, bursting, creative brains behind our evolving flavor offerings. They bake every cookie, make every brownie chunk and citrus curd, carefully watch each pot of caramel, heath or honeycomb candy until it bubbles to perfection. They are awesome.

Not pictured: Inga Johnston, Anne Ballentine, Carlee Freeman


How It Started

Katie’s ice cream obsession started just about the time she developed severe lactose intolerance, living in Wisconsin…(total bummer). Substitutes and alternatives simply didn’t measure up to the interesting favors and attention to quality sourcing like what was happening in the world of small batch ice cream and novelties. After Katie and Christa received an ice cream maker for their wedding, Katie started making her own lactose free ice cream. It was delicious and she knew that other people would like it too. That was the spark, the motivation to start Leona’s. 

Katie changed full time jobs to be able to attend culinary school and the famous Penn State Ice Cream Short Course while Christa (still working full time) began organizing the structures, processes and systems that would shape the company’s foundation.  Christa’s unyielding dedication to quality and consistency and uncanny ability to dream up winning flavor combinations are at the core of Leona’s. With the tools and resources in hand, the couple started making ice cream sandwiches and within a few years, acquired the proper equipment to make pints as well.

 The couple created Leona’s as a wholesale company that also caters events. This choice allowed the company to have a large footprint with a small staff of talented individuals. We won’t rule anything out but for now, it’s just right for us.