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introducing the cutest ice cream in the land.
Leona's Ice Cream is now pint-sized.


We're starting with five flavors, but you know we can't stop there. Look out for the seasonal flavors you know and love and keep your eyes peeled for some surprises.  

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flavor ROLL CALL...

Spring Seasonal Pints



Delicate lavender ice cream with pieces of crunchy honeycomb candy.

Strawberry Pound Cake

Classic strawberry ice cream is studded with  buttery homemade pound cake.



Leona's Classic Collection


Guittard 63% dark chocolate infused with handmade caramel. 

Cinnamon Oatmeal Lace

Vietnamese Cinnamon and vanilla with chewy hunks of oatmeal lace cookies.


Zeke's Royal Blue, a darker roast full of sweet spice. Definitely caffeinated.

Fresh Mint Chocolate

Fresh mint leaves and cream with flakes of dark chocolate. 


Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract and plump vanilla beans.


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Photo Credit: Matt Dayak, Styling Credit: Kim Fox


Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Locally sourced, hand-held happiness.

Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Locally sourced, hand-held happiness.

Handmade ice cream. homemade cookies. 

We pay homage to the historic and beloved combination of ice cream and cookies in every sandwich we make. By using locally sourced dairy, fruit and flavorings whenever possible, we create unique combinations that still taste like home. 

We are curious tinkerers, kitchen experimenters and inquiring minds.
Our flavors change with the season and are always a surprise. 


Lactose Free?

Lactose Free?

With the help of a natural enzyme we create 100% lactose-free ice cream made with 100% real dairy. That means people who have problems digesting lactose can enjoy Leona's ice cream without stomach upset.

Please remember, lactose intolerance is different for different people. Know your body and make good choices. Removing lactose does not change the fact that our ice cream is made of REAL dairy. If you are allergic to dairy or have issues with casein, this would not be the ice cream for you.


Christa & Katie