Hello friends!

Have you baked our cookies at home? You should, then take all the credit. We won't tell. 

Have you baked our cookies at home? You should, then take all the credit. We won't tell. 

January typically ushers in a slow sales period for us. We get it--lots of New Year's resolutions involve eating less ice cream, and appetites for frozen treats dip with the temperature. We're making fewer deliveries every week, we're baking fewer cookies, and we're spinning ice cream just a few times a week instead of hours every day.

So how do we fill our time during these cold months before ice cream demand and temperatures rise? In the kitchen, we've been doing lots and lots of testing. We're working on new ice cream flavors and mix-ins, and we're taste-testing and tweaking. How much bourbon is the right amount of bourbon in bourbon cherry ice cream? Should we use chips or chunks in this salted tahini chocolate cookie? Why do these marshmallows taste like almonds even though there are no almonds in this recipe? These are the questions that we ponder in January.



What else? We are taking advantage of winter citrus season and tropical flavors to bring some excitement to these gray days. Our Tangerine Blackberry Ripple on Shortbread is out there in the world, along with Key Lime on Graham and Persimmon on Ginger Molasses. We’re looking forward to spring and we're thinking about what we will be growing in our garden this summer. We’re going to have strawberries and lots of flowers, but we’re still figuring out the rest. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Those are some of the things that we're working on here. Thank you so much for an excellent 2017--you can now find Leona’s in 50 locations in the area, we built a garden, and we set the foundation for some big projects in the coming year. Thank you for your support and well wishes, and here's hoping for a sweet 2018!

Katie & Christa