(L to R) Ellie, Gillian, Katie, Rachel, Emma, Nicole and Christa

 (L to R) Ellie, Gillian, Katie, Rachel, Emma, Nicole and Christa


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Hello friends,

Will you be celebrating national cookie day? This delightful made-up holiday falls on December 4th every year, and with it, we dive headlong into cookie-filled December. A lot of our best holiday memories revolve around food, and we think baking cookies during the cold, dark days of December is a rewarding thing to do with kids, with your roommate, your fur babies, or blissfully alone. 

Here at Leona's, we've made cookie-making super easy for you! This December, we are offering four types of our favorite cookie dough--and it's already mixed, portioned, and frozen. All you have to do is pull it out of the freezer and bake. Buy some to bake yourself, or buy them as a gift for special someones in your life. We packaged them in these fetching hand-stamped bags, and we think they make pretty nice-looking presents. Each package contains 16 balls of dough--impress your family and friends with Oatmeal Lace, Chocolate Chunk, Ginger Molasses, or Salted Heath Chunk. Cookie dough is currently available for preorder online, and will be available in select stores. Eat them alone or eat them with ice cream. Just don't eat the raw dough. Seriously, don't do it.


Winter Holiday 4-Packs

Since our Thanksgiving ice cream sandwich 4-packs were so popular, we're back at it with winter holiday 4-packs. Nab one of these packs, and you will behold an assortment of our limited-edition, seasonal flavors. Each 4-pack contains one each of Speculoos ice cream on Speculoos Cookie, Chocolate Orange on Almond Cookie, Lemon Cream on Ginger Molasses Cookie, and Peppermint Bark on Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Wow. Preorder these through our website for pickup at The Flying Squirrel on Saturday, December 16th from 12-2 or at the 52nd Street Market on Sunday, December 17th from 12-2.

We hope your holiday season is rich, beautiful, and filled with delicious things. Happy holidays from everyone here at Leona's.

Katie & Christa